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President's Message

Dear CCA Members,

My name is Pasquale (Pat) Giordano and I am the president of the Connecticut Counseling Association (CCA) for this coming year (July 2015-June 2016). I have held many leadership positions within the association dating back to 2005 which included a term as CCA president in 2007. I was the president of the Connecticut Mental Health Counseling Association (CMHCA), CCA Member at Large and Strategic Planning Committee Chair. In addition to being active with our state association, I am a prior Chair of the American Counseling Association’s North Atlantic Region.

Since I graduated with my Master’s degree I have been passionate about the work that I do. I currently am an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) for a mental health agency and an adjunct professor at Southern Connecticut State University. My roles in these positions have led to many professional connections. These professional connections have led to people getting more involved with our association. I am a firm believer that our profession as well as life itself is about positive relationships. I have been very fortunate to have formed many relationships through my roles with CCA. It’s these relationships that have kept me motivated and focused on the work that we do as counselors. One of my goals has always been to get counselors connected to other counselors so that we can benefit from each other.

CCA is the only association that fights for the rights of counselors in the state of Connecticut. Many counselors do not see the benefit of belonging to CCA until our ability to practice is put into jeopardy such as it was in 2011. Even then they come to CCA and ask “what is the association going to do about the issue”. If you don’t already know, CCA is made up of volunteers that work extra for the benefit of counselors in the State. Many of these volunteers already work two jobs but are dedicated to see our profession progress.

My focus for the coming year is to follow our strategic plan to fulfill CCA’s mission. These goals include providing professional development opportunities, increasing membership and leadership, increasing networking opportunities and continuing our legislative awareness and action. In order to meet these goals, CCA needs passionate and selfless counselors to join our already dedicated and committed leaders. Are you up for helping? There are many ways to become involved and leaders who are willing to help mentor you. There are currently approximately 2000 licensed professional counselors in Connecticut and less than 300 are members of our association. I challenge you to make a commitment to CCA. This could be as big as fulfilling a leadership position to as minimal as getting your colleagues to join as members.

I am looking forward to the coming year. We have a lot to look forward to. Our annual conference, our Chapter workshops, a leadership development institute and a new professionals institute. In addition there will be a group of members focusing on organizing networking events for the year. Be sure to check your e-mails and if you are interested in talking to me about leadership positions or anything else feel free to e-mail me at

Sincerely, Pasquale Giordano, LPC, NCC, ACS
Connecticut Counseling Association

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