2016 Proposed Legislation: Better Understand CACREP Curriculum Recommendations

As part of CCA’s legislative proposal to strengthen the coursework requirements, CCA is recommending that coursework requirements follow the CACREP standard. This would not require attendance to a CACREP program, but would recommend the same coursework requirements for licensure. Read more about CACREP requirements: FOR CCA MEMBERS- CACREP EXPLAINED

Urgent – 2016 Legislative Alert: Strengthen Professional Counseling in CT

Urgent – 2016 Legislative Alert!! CCA needs your help ASAP!! Our Executive Board, Governing Council and lobbyists have been working diligently to advocate for the counseling profession in our state.   It is our intent to raise a bill in this upcoming legislative session proposing several points that we believe will strengthen and update our … Continue reading »

2013 Legislative Update

CT Counseling Association Conference- April 5, 2013 Kenneth L. Przybysz LLC The 2013 legislature kicked off in early January in the aftermath of a horrendous tragedy. The tragedy in Newtown has consumed the legislative session. This week legislators approved a bipartisan package of reforms highlighted by expansive new gun control. Included in the bill are … Continue reading »