Connecticut Career Counseling and Development Association (CCCDA)

We provide a wide variety of resources designed to support professional career counselors in their work with clients. Graduate students interested in the career counseling field will also benefit from the information available on this site.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the CCCDA shall be to promote a greater understanding of the meaning of work and careers, to foster career development over the life span, and to establish, support, and improve standards for professional service in the field of career guidance and counseling in Connecticut.

These principles are demonstrated through coordination of professional development workshops, connections with elected officials, yearly activities to celebrate Career Development Month in November, and session presentations at the annual CCA conference.

CCCDA Membership Benefits

* Professional Development Workshops provide the opportunity to learn state of the art counseling approaches. Please visit Workshops to learn more about our current workshop schedule.

* Networking Connections facilitate communication between fellow career counselors in a wide variety of counseling specialties and work settings. Annual Membership Directory to assist with networking contacts.

* Skill Development Opportunities allow members to extend and strengthen skills in event planning, management, budgeting, financial planning, and public speaking while serving in a Board of Directors position.

* Internet Resources house centralized web-based information that is most helpful when working with clients in all settings.

* Mentoring for graduate students and new professionals. Certain members have agreed to help counselors-in-training learn more about their work settings and the requirements for entry. Mentoring is designed to ease a new professional’s entry into this field.

* Collaboration with the other divisions of CCA by providing career counseling, guidance, and planning, CCCDA also provides assistance with Professional Resume Development, Job Search Strategies, Networking Opportunities, and Job Leads.

* Scholarships are available to current graduate students to assist in meeting the expense of attending professional development events.

CCCDA Executive Board 2017-2018

President – Vacant
President Elect – Vacant
Past President – Michael Shavel
Secretary – Linda Kobylarz
Treasurer – Nina Malinak
Trustee – Jeff Crothers
Trustee – Linda Shultz
Trustee – Carol Walters
Trustee - Deborah Anne Krawiec, NCC


As the incoming President of CCCDA July 1, 2015, I look forward to sharing information and resources, listening to the needs of current members, and partnering with the other divisions of CCA. One of my goals for the next term is to attract new members to our division through outreach and social media. I welcome those who have recently joined CCA, especially those who have become board members of our division. I attended the NCDA (National Career Development Association) annual conference in Denver in July and will be posting updates to our FB page.

Please contact me via FB or at should you have any questions about CCCDA.