March 3, 2018

Dear CCA Members:

Earlier this week, we notified you of CCA’s legislative efforts to obtain two-tiered licensure for counselors. We have been notified that the Public Health Committee has drafted a bill that is substantially similar to the CCA proposal. You can view the draft bill here:

CCA has also outlined the proposal – “Understanding the Tiered Licensure Proposal” – click here to view the proposal summary.

This is an important step forward and we will now need your help in submitting written testimony in support of the proposed bill. There are significant challenges ahead and the bill stands a better chance of passage if the legislature hears your voice in explaining the importance of this legislation. The public hearing on the bill may take place as early as Monday, March 12 and we need to be ready! The significance of tiered-licensure to Connecticut’s counselors cannot be overstated; we need this. Please see the attached chart for a summary of the important benefits of tiered-licensure.

Are you willing to help? Are you a graduate student who is facing entry into the job market? A recent graduate who is working in the unlicensed phase toward your licensure hours? A fully licensed professional counselor with a story about your own struggle to acquire the three thousand hours of professional experience in that amorphous, pre-licensed period? A supervisor who works with practitioners in the pre-licensed period? Your stories of the challenges of working as (or supervising) a pre-licensed counselor in a marketplace that includes other professionals with “provisional” licenses (such as LMSWs) will be extremely important. CCA will prepare draft testimony that you will be able to use as a template for your own submission. We will include all necessary instructions for submitting the testimony; it is as simple as sending an email to the Public Health Committee.

We need to know now if you’ll be able to help. Please contact CCA President Trip Hartigan ( as soon as possible if you are willing to provide testimony and be a part of this effort toward significant improvement of the Connecticut counseling license.

Thank you,

The CCA Executive Board